Installing SASS and Compass on Windows 8


I’ve stumbled on SASS by chance while i was looking for ways to improve my css developing speed.
SASS is a great tool, it improves css by using variables and mixins, the only problem you’ll have with it is the lack of support from most IDEs. Compass is the framework that enhances SASS and transforms it making editing a file and checking for the changes as simple and fast as css.
Installing SASS and Compass on Windows 8 is relatively easy:

Step1: Download and install ruby form

Step 2: Go to Advanced System Settings and under Advanced tab edit the path system variable to include also the path to your ruby installation.

Step 3: Press the Win to get to metro ui, type cmd and in the command prompt type:

ruby -v

To check if the installation of ruby went ok.

Step 4: If everything was ok type in console the fallowing commands:

gem install compass

Step 5: Create a project.

compass create /path/to/project
compass watch /path/to/project